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Miscommunicating” or “Mis-listening?

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Are You “Mis-Communicating” or “Mis-Listening”?

Learn why understanding the difference will transform your relationship!

If you want to find information on relationship communication you can literally be buried in it. From courses to pamphlets to manuals to the Internet, there is no shortage on relationship communication information.

So I guess the burning question is, what’s makes this collection of tools and techniques different? WHAT SETS MY SYSTEM APART FROM ALL OF THE OTHER PROGRAMS OUT THERE?

Well my information not only explains that mis-communication may not really be the problem is strengthening your relationship; my information explains that “mis-listening” may be the real problem. Further, my system provides specific step-by-step instructions for  everyone to follow. The system uses 8 important relationship traits as a foundation upon which to reference to help rebuild the listening skills!These exercises help the participants learn to emotionally listen, but my system is structured so that the persons wanting to get on the same page will personalize the methods to specifically help their unique situations!

My information further explains that emotional listening is the key ingredient to getting on the same page. But one other key missing ingredient is having a symbolic reminder that both persons WEAR that helps them understand that retraining the mindset toward changing the way we listen requires time, practice and a visual reference!

Basic and Solution Listening vs. Emotional listening

Most women say, “My man just doesn’t listen to me!” Why is that? Men are wired to perform basic/solution listening. What is basic/solution listening? It’s all of the physical actions that can be done: going to a quiet place, removing distractions, making and keeping constant eye contact, repeating what is said verbatim. And after doing all of this with his companion she still complains, “But you’re not ‘hearing’ me!” What does this statement mean?

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Well now we’re talking about “emotional” listening! Emotional listening is not about the physical actions that you do; it involves making a connection that sets a mood for the communication. Further it involves feeling and showing emotional concern that ignites a bonding connection that serves as an undercurrent of satisfaction that true sharing is happening!

Therefore, my passion and concern for the well-being of relationships, especially couples relationships, are for the woman to be happy. And I know happy is a relative term. But for the sake of argument, let’s say in this case a woman simply needs to be heard and truly believe that the listener wants to ensure that she is granted this opportunity.

With all of your heart, soul and entire being! It’s a commitment of every aspect of your attention and psyche! And guys, you’re not used to this!

Am I speaking in third person? No! So let me qualify why this is my passion. I love seeing people get along. I love seeing people get together and stay together in solid relationships. My parents were married from 1945 until my father died in 1998. 53 years! My in-laws recently celebrated their 57th wedding anniversary! I have been married to my wife for 23 years!

Emotional listening must be present if the goal is to keep enduring relationships alive and build all-embracing communication! A woman emotionally listens to her friends. Women emotionally listen to children. Women emotionally listen to men!

But most men just don’t emotionally listen! And when a man fold his arms with a smile on his face, satisfied that he just heard the problem and solved it, the woman get upset! And she cries the most famous line of all lines in a relationship: “He doesn’t listen!” And she tells this to anyone who will listen! She wants your HELP!

Upset and confused, the guy goes to the bar and complain to his friends, “I did too listen. I was attentive, I repeated what she said, I wasn’t even watching the game ortexting! I just don’t get it.! What does she want from me?”

Some would say that you are miscommunicating.” But I say you have a problem “mis-listening”. Because the woman wants the man to emotionally listen; and usually men don’t know how to emotionally listen. Was there really a problem that needed a solution? Or did she just need to vent and have you acknowledge her feelings about the situation? How did you handle it?

So what happens to the relationship? Slowly sinking ship. Why is this so? The guy needs to learn how to emotionally listen! How can he learn? How can he remember that he needs to always be thinking of emotional listening?

Solution! The SamePage Relationship Training System! The magic is in the name itself! (Click here to watch the ‘Introducing samepage Products!’ introduction!) And wearing the wristbands is a visual reminder, a tangible tool for him and for her that shows they both recognize the importance of emotional listening and that he is committed to remember to emotionally listen! Oh yeah, and also that emotionally listening makes HER HAPPY!!

So now the next question is: “Exactly how do I emotionally listen?”

The FREE Emotional Listening Training System will get you started! Click here to go the ‘Emotional Listening Training System’ page or click here to begin training with the ‘Emotional Listening Training Videos’! Either way, you will be on your way to a stronger relationship – today!

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