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The most important component in any relationship: YOUR PARTNER! The most important ingredient in any relationship: EMOTIONALLY LISTENING! Emotional listening is the glue that binds relationships and makes them stronger!

So how does this “Emotional Listening” thing work? The steps and procedures are laid out both here in detail and also in a series of videos in the ‘Training Videos’ section on the “Video Media” page of the website. Read on and learn the magic of making relationships last!

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1. Create your “Co-Heart Cove”
It’s important to create your “Co-Heart Cove”.

But wait, What is a “co-heart?” Well, my definition is, a “co-heart” is a one-on-one, heart to heart, sit down conversation, the goal being to connect emotionally with someone else. That’s it!

So to do this, the setting should be an area in your home that is cozy, comfortable and coordinated. You should be able to sit back and relax. You should be close enough to whisper but have enough space to create some distance should the discussion become heated!

You should have a couple of flat surfaces to use for writing. The area should be free of distractions like TV, gaming systems, computers and cell phones! Now let’s get dressed for the co-heart!

2. Put on the Proper Apparel
Any person can tell you what their profession is, but certain clothing speaks for itself. You immediately recognize a doctor or police officer because of how they are dressed. Rest assured, they have been trained to do the job that goes along with how they are dressed!

You should do the same! So put on your “relationship” uniform so that you both know that you are ready for business!

Guys, grab the “Listen-Fix It” Cap; ladies, put on the appropriate shirt! (the “LISTEN” shirt or the “FIX IT” shirt, depending on the nature of the co-heart.) You both put on your wristbands!

Once that’s done, it’s time to listen to the song to get your heads in the right place!

But first, a little more information about the wristbands!

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3. Wristbands let you take your training anywhere
The wedding band symbolizes the commitment to the marriage. The Samepage wristbands symbolize the commitment to communication in the relationship. They are reminders, both for the people wearing them and to anyone they may meet!

It’s important to wear wristbands all the time during your Emotional Training. The wristbands become the VISUAL REMINDERS that help both of you stay on point. You both can reference the wristbands anyplace, anytime!

This is how you begin to create your pattern of retraining! This retraining helps you both get on and stay on The Same Page!

4. Listen to the Song, “I Wanna Know What You’re Thinking!”
The reason for the song,“I Wanna Know What You’re Thinking!”, is to bring attention to the fact that people in relationships need to really listen to what the other person is saying.

Your lines of information need to be as clean and unfiltered as possible. Neither person should expect the other person to “just know” what to do or “just know” what is wanted!

You both have to say what is on your mind, ask for what you want and be clear about what you are willing to do to build your relationship!

Listen to the song. Trust me, when you hear this song a few times it will be stuck in your head!

And so will the message!

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5. Learn to “Emotionally Listen” ALL THE TIME and “Fix It” when necessary
Okay, so before beginning the co-heart in either LISTEN or FIX IT mode, there are a few things you should always do:

a) Agree on a set amount of time the co-heart will be. For example, “I need about 20 minutes to clear my head”. You can always add more time if you need to.

b) Whoever initiates the co-heart needs to determine if the co-heart will be in “LISTEN” mode or “FIX IT” mode and both need to agree.

c) Communicate the desire to become confidantes and life friends to each other.

d) Agree that patience is important when either person just needs to “vent”

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e) Practice “listening like a girlfriend!” Or a best friend or a mentor! Learn to adapt the body language, the phrases and gestures that your mate’s girlfriend, best friend or mentor do, but make them your own!

Now FIX IT mode has some critical points that you need to identify and follow:

1. Recognize the problem
2. Create a solution
3. Determine if the person with the problem wants the mate to FIX IT or if the person wants to FIX IT themselves

This is the most important aspect of FIX IT mode – whether there will be a “hand-off” or not. This needs to be made very clear and both persons must AGREE to it and STICK to it!

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6. For the greatest prospect for success, Order the Emotional Listening Training System

How long will it take to learn to “Emotionally Listen”? Who knows for sure? But it’s important to commit to the process and decide to do whatever it takes to strengthen your relationship.

To give this the best chance of working for you, order the Emotional Listening Training System. For just $79, you get:

the “Listen-Fix It” Cap
2 Samepage wristbands
1 LISTEN shirt1
1 FIX IT shirt and
the song “I Wanna Know What You’re Thinking!”

Go to the BUY NOW page and place your order TODAY!

Sound like a plan? Yes! So get started and be on the way to a stronger relationship!

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7. To Lay a Solid Foundation, get the Same Page Relationship Training System

An experienced personal trainer or dietician rarely creates a general plan that fits every customer. They know that each person is different and needs a plan based on their specific needs.

That’s why I put together the Same Page Relationship Training System. This system allows any two people to recognize their unique approach to the relationship they are in, then customize a communication connection that works for them!

The Samepage Relationship Training System covers everything that is in the Emotional Listening Training Program, but goes into much greater detail. There are two (2) playbooks that include:

a) 10 Keys for him and for her
b) Identification of 8 basic traits that help build a solid relationship foundation
c) step-by-step instructions and specific examples for you to follow to build a solid foundation for your relationship.

Get the fully featured “The Original (and Best) samepage&#8480 Relationship Training System for $139.
You get:

2 Playbooks
1 “Listen-Fix It” Cap,
2 “Same Page” wristbands,
1 “LISTEN” shirt
1 “FIX IT” shirt and
the song “I Wanna Know What You’re Thinking!”

Go to the BUY NOW page and place your order TODAY!

Get your system and get started and be on the way to a stronger relationship!

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