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Samepage Relationship Training System

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The job of the conductor of an orchestra is to direct the performance of the orchestra. The conductor doesn’t teach the musicians how to play. The conductor doesn’t care where the musicians studied or where they are from. The job of the conductor is to unify the orchestra.

The samepage&#8480 Relationship Training System is based on this same premise. The system is a combination of products and information assembled to help anybody experiencing communication challenges in their relationship to embrace an alternative approach to connecting with each other.

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People from all walks of life meet and begin relationships. They can come from different cultures, different countries and different educational levels. And they all come to the relationships with all of the life experiences they have lived up to that point in full tow. So how do these people of such diverse backgrounds and personality types come together and create fantastic relationships?

Many people do admirable jobs starting relationships, building them and tending them as they evolve and flourish. But some couples encounter challenges that slow the path to the joys of being together. And many times the biggest issue lies in the way they communicate.

The samepage&#8480 Relationship Training System focuses the teaching on recognizing that “mis-communicating” is often not the problem; “mis-listening” is. The system contains step-by-step instructions and specific examples compiled so that, when followed, help build solid foundation for relationships.

So the training and retraining in the system helps those in a relationship to develop new patterns of listening that get the relationship moving toward what those involved really want.

So the purpose of the samepage&#8480 Relationship Training System is to unify people who are seeking to strengthen their relationship. Husband and wife, boyfriend and girlfriend, life companions, coach and star player, estranged parent and child. If a stronger relationship is what is desired, the samepage&#8480 Relationship Training System is a viable tool that can make it happen!

What Do You Get with the samepage&#8480 Relationship Training System?

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An experienced personal trainer or dietician rarely creates a general plan that fits every customer. They know that each person is different and needs a plan based on their specific needs.

I put together the samepage&#8480 Relationship Training System with this in mind. Any couple should be able to see positive progress in their relationship in twenty-four (24) co-hearts using the products and services provided in the system. (a “co-heart” is a one-on-one, heart to heart, sit down conversation, the goal being to connect emotionally with someone else)

This system allows any two people to:
recognize their unique approach to the relationship they are in, then
customize a communication connection that works for them!

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The samepage&#8480 Relationship Training System covers everything that is in the Emotional Listening Training Program, but goes into much greater detail. There are 4 essential steps in learning to connect on every trait. Once these steps are learned and become second-nature, they can be used in ANY situation where forming relationship bonds between or among different parties is the desired goal!

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You will learn:
The meaning of getting on the same page
The importance of the products in the process
The difference between “mis-communicating” and “mis-listening”
How to understand what women mean when they say “Men Don’t Listen”
How to understand what men mean when they say “I Heard Every Word”
What “emotional listening” is
The 4 basic types of hearing and listening
How to “Emotionally Listen”
The “10 Keys for Relationship Training” for both her and him
The 8 Basic Traits to build a strong relationship foundation
Step by step instructions to create different patterns for building a strong relationship
The most important question you can ask yourself if you’re in a relationship

The four (4) relationship-saving words that every person in a relationship must know
The importance of continuing the training techniques until they become second nature to you
How applying the new training patterns to other aspects of your life will strengthen those relationships as well

Get the fully featured “The Original (and Best) samepage&#8480 Relationship Training System for $139.

You get:

2 samepage&#8480 Relationship Training System Playbooks
2 “Same Page” wristbands,
1 “LISTEN” shirt
1 “FIX IT” shirt and the song “I Wanna Know What You’re Thinking!”

Go to the BUY NOW page and place your order TODAY!

Get your system and get started and be on the way to a stronger relationship TODAY!

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