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For Him

For Him 300x

“I Heard Every Word!”

Yes, fellas! You “heard every word”! And you say this because you did an outstanding job of basic listening! This is what you did:

1) sat down with her in a quiet place;
2) removed all distractions;
3) made eye contact;
4) maintained eye contact; and
5) repeated everything she said back to her verbatim.

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But that’s not what she wants! She wants you to “listen like a girlfriend”! You have to learn to connect with her! You have to let her know that you “feel” what she is saying and what she is going through! You have to hold her hand, shake your head, huff and puff and blow the house down!

But you can’t fake it! It has to be sincere! You have to respond the way she wants you to, but in a way that is natural for you! So how do you find out what your reactions should be when you “emotionally connect”?

The “10 Keys for Emotional Listening for Him” will get you started with finding out how to do it! They are included in the samepageSM Relationship Training System! Order the system NOW and get on the way to a stronger relationship!

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