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The “Listen-Fix It” Cap

The “Listen-Fix It” Cap


The “Listen-Fix It” Cap is for the guy to wear during a co-heart as a visual reminder so that his mate can know what type of communication in which the two are currently engaged. If either person just wants to vent or if the couple are working on a “Co-Heart”, the LISTEN side of the cap should be forward. If the parties involved are working on a plan to correct some issue, the FIXIT side of the cap should be forward.

This cap was originally named the WWAT cap for “What women are thinking!” And knowing what women are thinking, and , in fact, knowing what anyone is thinking, is the most important thing that any person can learn to acknowledge and appreciate. Begin to remove the conclusions from your life that are not based on fact, but are instead based on assumption. Speculation, doubt, conjecture, assumption, supposition and jumping to conclusions will slowly give way to surety, intent and agreement.

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