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The SamePage Story

Same_Page_Logo_Complete_439x171Where did the idea for the SamePage products come from? Here’s the story.

My wife came home from work and was complaining about how management had rearranged her work area without input from the workers who had to do the work. So I stopped what I was doing and listened to her as she told me all about how it happened.

When she finished I asked her if she wanted to do something about it. She said yes, that we could draw out a plan of the work area space with a layout that would show how her design would work best for the productivity of her and her co-workers. So we started re-drawing the floor plan.

Halfway through, my wife started venting again about how management would create this design without the input of the people who would be doing the job. So I said to her, “Hold on, you already talked about how this happened and all of the headache it would cause. I listened. Now we’re fixing the problem. I’m not sure if you want to keep fixing it or if I need to stop and listen some more. Maybe I need a cap or something that I can flip around so that we can stay on the same page!” And the idea of using symbolic reminders that acknowledge getting on the same page was born!

After telling my story to a few of our friends, I was encouraged to really follow through and create a workable product. So I have!

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