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My Story

me mom n sisters feathered for my story 300x

As my life has unfolded, I have recognized that I somehow easily become friends with women. Even my wife said, “It’s because you know how to listen to women. You know how to communicate on a common level. Most other men don’t connect with women when they try to listen.”

I thought that was weird. What was I doing differently than other men? I began to analyze it. I started thinking about it. How is it that I listen the way a woman THINKS I should listen versus how most people listen? Well, I truly believe this gift was given to me by my 7 sisters and my mother. Yes, I’m a man who grew up in a house with 8 women!

How many men do you know have lived in a family with 8 women? I’ll bet not many! And one of the things we were taught was, “You have 2 ears, 2 eyes and 1 mouth. Listen and watch twice as much as what you say!” So I realized that I instinctively learned to listen in a manner that naturally connects with women emotionally!

From my boyhood, I paid attention to “how” my sisters talked WITH each other. I listened to how my Mom talked WITH my sisters. And I listened to how they listened TO me and WITH me! There was mutual respect.

So I believe my upbringing played a huge role in my instinctive ability to be able to solve problems. I intuitively mirror what was shown to me day in and day out! I describe this as the gift to listen like women listen – with emotion.

I realized that I would try to explain the dynamics of this learned process of listening through connecting to many of my guy friends when they were in the doghouse with their ladies because the women were frustrated because the guys “just don’t listen”. And I would try to coach the guys out of the FIX IT mindset and into a CONNECTION mindset.

I started analyzing what I was saying to my friends. I’ve narrowed the process down to four definitive steps that, if done properly and completely, will help those willing and committed to building lasting relationships to do just that! I introduce to you: The samepage&#8480 Relationship Training System!

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