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The most important ingredient to EVERY relationship is one simple word: COMMUNICATION. But why? It’s very simple: if everyone involved is not in agreement with what it takes to have harmony in the relationship, PROBLEMS will PREVAIL!

A family is planning a vacation; a company has inefficiencies in getting its product into the hands of consumers. Every relationship requiring cooperation to accomplish goals needs a system for:

1) effectively sharing information;
2) efficiently constructing agreements about decisions that are made;
3) recognizing actions that need to completed by all parties involved; and
4) identifying who is responsible to complete these actions.

My story centers around two factors:

1) my compassion for helping people recognize the communication process in their relationships; and
2) my desire to provide a system to help build the communication process in relationships to help the relationships grow.

Any relationship that requires cooperation and communication qualifies.

It’s simple, yet elusive. It’s important to note that not all relationships are meant to be!

Oftentimes two people in a relationship lose track of how to communicate with each other. Sometimes people get together for the wrong reasons. Sometimes people stay together for the wrong reasons!

Sometimes people are not really committed to the relationships they are in. Sometimes one person is just not ready to fully build a relationship as much as the other person wants to.

My parents were married from 1945 until he died in 1998.

Life_Coach_Certification_439x171_cropMy in-laws have been married since 1957. My first marriage lasted 8 years; and I have been in this marriage since 1991. I’ve witnessed the interactions in long-term relationships and have emulated these traits myself.

The recent statistics tracking the number of failed marriages is astounding. It didn’t used to be this way! It really troubles  me because I just don’t think this is okay. WE need to save every kind of relationship if both parties involved are willing to do what it takes to make the relationships work. Especially marriages!

 When people say, “We have a great relationship,” what they are often describing is the feeling they experience when they talk with each another. They mean, “I feel positive toward that person when we interact. I send and I receive positive vibes with them.”

What makes marriages work? What keeps people together for long periods of time through thick and thin? What encourages people to share lives together where their abilities to cope with adversity strengthens their relationships? Effective, connective communication!

A great relationship also means good communication in the sense that when differences arise, the partners can talk through their dilemma cooperatively. Differences don’t become barriers—they become opportunities to find win-win understandings and solutions.

Making decisions together in a win-win way requires strong collaborative communication skills. Both partners need to be able to talk in a way that when they say things, their partner wants to listen—and when their partner says things, they want to hear them.

Strong communication skills enable couples not only to have fun and share their love, but also to deal with the difficult issues they inevitably will face as they proceed as partners in the business of living.

Effective, connective communication creates the win-win agreement in a relationship as it builds. Communication leads to trust. Trust is the key to long-term relationships, especially marriages.

 When we trust each other we allow each other to enter into our lives with the belief that neither will  do nor say anything that may intentionally hurt our feelings or jeopardize our life in any way.

To be trusted by anyone is a great honor and this should be respected to the highest degree. It’s not everything but it is extremely important, along with respect and loyalty.

All of the Samepage products are relationship building and mending tools: from two people, like a husband and wife, desiring a stronger relationship, to groups of people, like employers and employees in a business, recognizing the need to create a better work environment. But there is something special about the samepage wristbands: they represent a wonderful symbolism. Their shape is round like the wedding band, but they are larger in circumference. This means they are designed to represent the broad-based foundation of the relationship: communication. Strong relationships are built on a solid, foundational communication ground. The wristbands show a decision to always put forth the effort to preserve the relationship. And emotional listening is the secret to the foundation, plain and simple.

 But the most overlooked, most taken for granted and least understood aspect of a relationship is communication. Why? It’s like the old “anybody, everybody, somebody, nobody” idiom:

everybody should do it, anybody could do it, somebody needs to do it, yet nobody does it. And I mean doing it the “right” way. So if there is a “right” way to communicate, there must be a “wrong” way to communicate, right!

What is the most prevalent, obvious tell-tale sign of a breakdown in communication? One all-to-familiar phrase: “I thought you said . . . .” or “I thought you meant . . . .” There you have it.

You buy the wristbands as a daily reminder that, “Oh yeah, my companion needs the emotional component.” You buy the wristbands to remind yourself to be successful. Once you feel that you have retrained your thought patterns, you can put the wristband aside, perhaps in a drawer. But you know that it’s always there, readily available. And you can easily grab it if you feel that you’re slipping. It’s so simple, yet incredibly powerful!

And the truly astounding thing is that this concept is easily applied to all relationships. It can be the life-changing shift that allows a father to better connect with his children. He can better connect with his co-workers at work.

I know that my tools are designed to help relationships and especially marriages. And if you have taken the time to read this information, I know that my products, along with the information you have reviewed, will help your relationship too!

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